Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

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Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

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Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

The cut of a diamond is very important – it makes a stone in a true diamond jewel, fascinating for its splendor and attracts attention. Pear cut diamonds look like teardrop-shaped gems, with a sharp tip on one side and round form on the other. Brilliant of an elongated teardrop shape is in demand in jewelry. Pear shaped diamond engagement rings look great on slender fingers.

The form that has at its basis a pear structure is resembling a drop with crossed lines on facets causes and the stone comes to life. It is mesmerizing the jewelry connoisseurs with the creativity. This is one of the oldest forms of gems cut that resemble a drop or tear. A cut feature is that the light rays entering the stone are reflected from all sides in the similar way.

When picking up a diamond with pear cut think about the aspect ratio. It usually has to be 1.5 to 2. The higher ratio has the more elongated shape of a gem.

The roots of the this shape are form goes back to the XVI century, the era of the late Renaissance, when in the using were just two types of cut: the so-called “rose”, resembles a modern round cut and “briolette”, which had a slightly elongated shape, which made it look like a tear or drop. That “briolette” used to be the foundation for the present pear shape. Today a diamond of pear cut is a crystal with fifty six sides, something between “marquis” stone and round diamonds.

An assymmetrical shape of “pear” determines the use of such diamonds: they are likely seen in all kinds of earrings and pendants. But still, this stone cut is wonderful as an insert in pear shaped diamond engagement rings. An elongated shape of the gem will give a female’s hand the grace and highlight its natural beauty.

Engagement rings with pear diamonds rarely may set up with wedding rings, since the lower part of the gem is very massive, so you may not easily put on the second ring. A ring for engagement of such a form is worn up with a sharp end. One of the lucky owners of this diamond-pear jewelry is beautiful actress Katherine Heigl.

On short fingers pear shaped diamond rings will look exceptionally well. A teardrop-shaped stone, tapering towards the nail, creates the illusion of thin fragile outlines of a finger. A big hand will look beautifully with stones of the same cut, but larger. For small hand it is bether to choose a ring with small gems. In addition, this type of cut diamond will give a special shine that also will not be too much.

It can be concluded that for hiding too big palm of hand, you need to select an elongated diamond ring which will make a hand more narrow and fragile. Pear shaped diamond engagement rings might be the perfect solution. It is really important that the cut of a stone has been sharpened, as sometimes there are pear diamond rings, which have rounded shape or vice versa too constricted. So giving enough time for this aspect, you can choose for yourself the amazing diamond ring for engagement, emphasizing the beauty and hiding the flaws of your hand.

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