Pearl engagement rings

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Pearl engagement rings – decorations, of which every girl dreams about. So, find your own pearl and it certainly will be a symbol of love and fidelity of your wonderful marriage. There are the main aspects to keep in mind when going to search for the coveted jewelry.

The choice of the engagement ring begins with the feature as the color of pearls and this largely determines the style of composition, group of accenting stones, as well as the base metal for the ring. That is why most brides prefer neutral shades of pearl: white, black, gray.

However, modern jewelers offer rings with non-traditional shades of pearls. It may be chocolate, pistachio, pink, purple, peach-colored stones. Pearl engagement rings are certainly impressive, but require careful selection of clothing and additional accessories that will not be discordant with the daily decoration.

The engagement ring is a special piece of jewelry that says everybody about the seriousness and strength of the future marriage. Therefore, pearls should be slightly larger than normal rings – not less than 12 mm. in diameter. Of course, an important role in choosing the size of the pearl plays finger size of a bride. For example, thin fingers and lean hands will look awkward and ridiculous with a large pearl. In this case, it should be limited to the variant that does not exceed 12 mm. The width of a ring is also expected to be moderated. This recommendation is also relevant for those who have short fingers. Large pearls look good on long fingers but not thin ones. You may safely experiment with a width of a ring.

Whichever design you choose, a pearl in the engagement ring occupies a central place. Everything else is just the symmetrical addition, made from metal or inlaid with fine jewels.

If the pearl is surrounded by only the metal, the perfect choice will be a ring with filigree woven in a classic style. Filigree additions in the form of a vine or elegant colors give the ring volume and kind of dynamics. The main thing is that the width and thickness of the metal is proportional to the size of the pearls and set off its beauty.

Pearl engagement rings

Pearl engagement rings

The choice of metal depends not only on the color of pearls, but also on the skin tone of the bride, as well as her style preferences.

For pearls of pink, yellow, cream and peach colors is the perfect frame of 14k yellow gold. Pearl engagement rings will look perfect on a finger of the bride, which the nature has endowed with a warm skin tone (veins on wrists have a greenish tint).

White or gray pearls surrounded by white metals – platinum, palladium, white gold will be gorgeous. This option is designed for girls with cool skin type. Especially, the engagement ring may look very nice made from platinum with black pearls. All the above mentioned metals perfectly accentuate the exotic blue, purple, chocolate pearls.

Black pearl engagement rings are good with white gold and platinum. There can be some insertions of yellow gold. If the black pearl has a pronounced green overtone, the yellow gold perfectly accentuates this feature. A black pearl of aubergine or purple overtone beneficial looks at the frame of white metal with additions of rose gold.

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