Platinum engagement rings are just perfect for her

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Platinum Engagement Rings Are Just Perfect For Her

Platinum is a chemical element (symbol ‘PT’) and it derives its name from the Spanish term ‘Platina’, which when translated means ‘little silver’. It is considered as one of the finest of all metals. It is also possesses a high level of resistance to chemical attack and is also able to endure high temperatures.

Engagement is the beginning of a bonding that lasts a lifetime and a ring is the universal symbol of bonding. For an engagement ring to truly emphasize the true bonding of two individuals, true justice and meaning can only be found when the symbol is made of a metal that’s equally strong, pure and rare. Platinum engagement rings are a premier choice for engagement rings and wedding bands. What makes this metal so special is that platinum is pure, rare and eternal. It is also ideal and will last a lifetime, even if it is worn every day. Platinum tends to grow stronger as time passes.

antique platinum engagement ringsantique platinum engagement rings

Elegance of Platinum Engagement Rings

Elegance should be intrinsic in value. Platinum has the highest intrinsic value amongst all metals used in jewelry.
Elegance is always fair. Platinum is a naturally white metal. Hence it will not cast its own color on any precious stone embedded or secured by it.
Elegance always stands above all others. In comparison to an 18 karat gold ring, it is pure. 18 karat gold is 75% pure while Platinum is 90% to 95% pure. Platinum does not fade nor does it get tarnished, thus keeping its natural white color for a lifetime.
Elegance is non obtrusive in nature. Platinum is naturally hypoallergenic, making it the most suitable ornamental metal for those with sensitive skin.
The elegance of a thing also lies in its rarity. Platinum is only found in very few places in the world. Moreover, it is 30 times more rare than gold.
Elegance is pure and lasting. Unlike many white metals which need to be re-plated over the passage of time and usage, Platinum never fades.
Elegance is to be valued. As with all rare things, Platinum engagement rings will always hold its value in the times to come.

vintage platinum engagement ringsvintage platinum engagement rings

Platinum being the rarest of all precious metals is bound to make the possessor feel something more beyond feeling special. The person who’s able to flaunt a Platinum engagement ring not only feels special, but also feels ecstatic about it. This engagement ring will go beyond the borders of ecstasy as it will be amongst the most cherished items that one receives as a gift from their beloved! Ecstasy should always be lasting. Likewise Platinum does not change shape over time or use. Hence a Platinum ring will be steadfast in shape and form forever. With Platinum engagement rings, real love can only begin and never end.

A bent knee of a suitor can only be rewarded with a fluttering heart and a contented sigh from his lady love because a heart is true and is gifted by a symbol of enduring love – a Platinum engagement ring!

platinum engagement ring settingsplatinum engagement rings settings

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