Princess cut diamond engagement rings – the classics “with a twist”

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Diamonds are valued not just for their durability, but also for the beauty that the stone gives with its optical properties. Different cuts create a different number of facets, so the light may be refracted differently. The “Princess” is known for its outstanding refractive properties and complexity in creating a fake. Princess cut diamond engagement rings are prefered by brides, who need the classics “with a twist”. A stone with a clear square form is a nice choice for a girls, who feels modern trends.

The cut in the form of “Princess” – fashionable classic of clean lines of square form and amazing shine. This form is a interesting choice, if you prefer a rectangular or square and still prefer to get the same shine as from a round gem. This type of cutting was developed in the 1970s. Today it inferiors in popularity only to the round gem. This form of cut combines an emerald step-cut and a triangular one, and is the cutting with right angles. Although, the square shape cut is mostly preferred, some stones may have more rectangular contours. Princess cut diamond engagement rings look beautiful, having a single stone or several stones, especially trillions and diamonds of smaller sizes, faceted with the same princess shape. Very important here is the fixation vulnerable corners using V-shaped prong at each corner.

The “Princess” shape makes the stone plate having a lower surface on alternate furrow. The plates may have different shapes, like polygon, square, rectangle and others. A plate surface on one side (top) is made with the form of site-plates with a small number of facets; at the bottom there are located a series of ditches having Y-shaped. Inner sides have the angle of exactly 41° relative to a dissecting plate. The phenomenon of internal reflection of light glare, for which diamonds are so valued, is achieved precisely because of this cut.

Brilliant “Princess” with the heart shape also receives the highest marks. If you look at the top of the gem, you may see perfectly polished pair of semicircles that are connected with each other in one place. The bottom part has ditches lying in almost one millimeter next to each other. Such a complex form of princess cut diamond engagement rings is performed for the collection the whole ornaments in wonderful patterns.

A crystal diamond shaped like an octahedron, gives two diamonds in the form of a circle or even four “princesses” when it is cutting. So, there are much less loss of valuable raw materials, that is why this cut is so often used for the production of princess cut diamond engagement rings. The “Princess” shape is relatively new. Among its advantages is the possibility of standardization absolutely any form. In turn, making the standardization can increase the using efficiency of all sizes and shapes diamonds. Most of the waste (like a triangle plate, resulting in chipping of the diamond raw) that had not previously been used by means of faceting “princess”, can also be used in the manufacture of jewelry.

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