Princess Cut Engagement Rings for Bride. Do wedding choice

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13 Photos of the Princess Cut Engagement Rings for Bride. Do wedding choice

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Princess cut Engagement Rings: A Journey Of Decades

An engagement ring is considered as an indicator of the fact that someone is engaged and is about to be married soon. It is a very traditional practice, especially in the western world. However, with the wave of globalization, the use of engagement ring is gaining popularity in Indian society as well.  In India as well as in western countries, the traditional engagement ring is supposed to be made of diamond or any other precious gemstone.

Traditionally the engagement ring was worn by the bride only. But in modern times, these are worn by the groom as well. The princess cut engagement rings are one of the most popular rings worldwide.  The shape is either square or rectangle and this structure is similar to that of the pyramid.

The princess cut engagement rings come next only to the round brilliant shape in terms of popularity across the world. This design came into being in the decade of 1960.The style is relatively new and is a little different from that of the round brilliant shape and is also known as the square modified brilliant.  As an advantage, this shape has the larger ability to retain the crystal in it. This quality makes the style a preferred option among the diamond cutters worldwide.  Unlike the round shape, this style retains more rough diamond, around 80%. The design owes its origin to the London based cutter, Arpad Negi around the year 1961. The style started gaining popularity in countries like Israel around the year 1979.  However, after a number of modifications, the princess cut has come to its current shape.  Since then, it has gained its popularity and is known as the symbol of beauty and elegance even in modern times.

The Princess cut engagement rings are available in various styles and shapes to choose from. The diamond can be cut and shaped in any of the cuts like emerald, heart, oval, and pear, to name a few. The true diamond cutter can bring out the real shine and brilliance of the diamond in any of these cuts. Each of them is unique in its own way. However, the princess cut diamond solitaire is the most popular engagement ring among the couples across the world.

princess cut engagement rings for  womenAlso the Princess cut engagement rings are associated with various meanings and significance.  Earlier, properties like passion, action and energy were associated with this type of engagement ring. It was also believed that this type of ring increases the inner strength of the person by providing balance, clarity and abundance. Today, apart from these symbols, it is also believed that the diamond jewelry enhances the value of a relationship and denotes the class and status of the giver.

It is said that the diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Any woman, regardless of her origin, class and culture loves the stone very much. So it will be appropriate to say that princess diamond ring can be an ideal gift before starting a new life. Therefore, the princess cut engagement rings truly give a chance to win her heart even before the wedding.

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