Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings – the Classic and Perfect Shining

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Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

9 Photos of the Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings – the Classic and Perfect Shining

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Radiant cut diamond engagement rings popularity is associated with the jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. Although the ring with square diamonds were produced in the 19-th century, but this is the first firm that has become actively advertise and promote models of rings with a square diamond cut. There is even such a Tiffany style. This style includes a thin ring with one square diamond. Sometimes, a square gemstone is surrounded with small ones.

The radiant shape is the wonderful combination of classic emerald shape and shining round brilliant. This shape is very similar to the princess one, but usually has rectangular lines and cut corners just like the emerald cut. This gemstone is worthy of its name, combining the long, short, and stepped triangular facets, so it refracts a lot of light. That is why the radiant shape is used for diamonds – the color here is demonstrated most clearly. This shape is perfect for colored diamonds because enhances color reflection in the stone. A radiant shape is most commonly used for the treatment of single large stones, because if a very expressive and noticeable advantage of this rare cut method.

This cut in general improves the radiant diamonds. Sometimes jewelers, making the diamond cutting, increase a bottom part of the brilliant and then it “plays” no worse than a round gem.
Of course, the value of the gemstone increases too. Radiant cut diamond engagement rings are a scintillating choice for elegance and respectability shape of the decoration. This diamond-cutting, especially the square one, is picked up mainly by holders of long fingers, because the ring with such a diamond visually shortens phalanx.radiant diamond engagement ring settings

This stone cutting catches the rays of light in all its breadth and brightness. It is prefed by the bride, who respects the natural, timeless beauty of the gem, but still does not prefer to move away from the highly classical forms.

Also, the popularity of these rings is great because of the fact that they are well suited as a good variation of a ring for engagement. Many newlyweds prefer to have the engagement and wedding rings not like everyone else. Therefore, they choose various options of rings with square diamonds. As in our time, the choice of these rings is limited only by purchasing capacity of the bride and groom, so there are the huge versions of these decorations. And really, what could be better than radiant cut diamond engagement rings from gold of white color, decorated around with the same little white diamonds!

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