Round diamond engagement rings

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Round diamond rings

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Round diamond rings

Giving a wonderful engagement ring is the top notch of a happy ending of the love story! By the tradition, this is turning point in the life, when a man presents to his beloved this precious gift! In the atmosphere closely to the romantic, he shows the eloquence, wonders of chivalry and observation the girl’s preferences. An engagement jewelry is not just a sacrament of the male love to his woman. This is the fact of a long and even painful life process of choice the sweetheart girlfriend for the whole life. Taking the engagement ring, a female approves and confirms this choice. When a male makes his marriage proposal, an engagement decoration acts as a guarantor of his words. Round diamond engagement rings are the embodiment of classic elegance.

The chic shape of the round gem is really mysterious and complex work processes with diamonds. The diamond price will depend on its cut, as faceted diamonds look differently. Stones, polished by good specialists will have the brilliance, fire and harmony, which is so highly valued in precious stones.

The common form is the round one, but these gems can be cut also in other ways. A diamond may own a pear, emerald, heart, oval-cut, and having different sizes ​​have different carats.

The most spread and still expensive jewelry, as already was mentioned above, are the round stone engagement rings. These stones have the brightest shine among all forms of the gem cut. This amazing cut is perfectly thought out in ways of the optical properties: sparkle and scintillation. Therefore, fancy cut of diamonds is less expensive than the round ones. The round cut differs from all other forms primarily with the standard ornament of facets and proportions, approach to assessing the quality of processing, the higher cost.

The most widespread are diamonds with a round shape and, accordingly round diamond engagement rings. With the strict compliance of the proportions of a round gem is able to reflect almost all the light that is fallen on it. But during such a processing the stone is usually grinding more than half of its original weight, but the losses of fancy shapes while the same cutting are much less. Therefore, the most glittering stone and consumption of materials of the round cut is more expensive than others cuts. For small stones jewelers use 17-faceted cut, while larger gems are cut for 57 facets.

One of the biggest drawbacks of round-cut is considered a great loss of valuable material. More than 50% of the original gem is usually lost while the cutting. When jewelers use other types of stone processing, the losses are much less. In addition, the round shape is an unnatural form of this mineral. In nature, it is triangular, rectangular, with chamfered corners, and so on. There are not round diamonds in nature. By the way, this cut in comparison with other allows to return more light to the viewer. All these factors affect on the cost, that is why the round diamond engagement rings are just so expensive and desired.

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