Sapphire Engagement Rings Really Rule Soon-to-Be-Wedded Lovers All Over the World!

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6 Photos of the Sapphire Engagement Rings Really Rule Soon-to-Be-Wedded Lovers All Over the World!

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Do you know that Prince William gave to Kate Middleton, engaged back in 2010, a blue sapphire, but not a diamond ring? No wonder, as that was the same gift Prince Charles presented to Princess Diana in 1981…

Yes, sapphire engagement rings are the particular type of engagement and wedding presents, which have been gaining either recognition or curiosity globally. Diamonds are not becoming the norm anymore!

Why Sapphires Are Gold Standard for Engagement Rings

  • ‘A Diamond Is Not Forever’: Many couples all over the world prefer using various gem stones in the quality of their love & devotion symbols. The overwhelming diamond supply plus extensive marketing campaigns have recently seized. Instead, blue sapphire engagement rings symbolize truly core qualities of romance, commitment, honesty and genuine love. Besides, sapphires are believed to attract blessings from heaven and protect those who own them from envy. Though diamonds are still highly desirable, sapphire rings are regarded rather overrated. The latter keep being more exciting as they come in various colors: blue, purple, violet, orange, green, white, and pink.
  • ‘Purity & Devotedness through Thick and Thin’: The crusaders of the 12th century believed that their sapphire rings given to their wives had faded the color, when the women were unfaithful. It’s viewed rather absurd nowadays. But, this remains true.

Which Type of Sapphire Engagement Rings to Buy? 8 Expert Advice

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1. You & Your Lover Taste Preferences, Budget & Engagement Ring Symbolism.

The ring itself should be something beautiful, precious, rare, and not always costly, like the love to share for life. Your individual choice must show caring, thoughtfulness, and appropriate symbolism. Whatever the message is, look for a ‘real thing’ choice!

2. Superior Hardness, Lack of Cleavage & High Refractive Index.

Sapphires are excellent gems for rings worn every day because of utmost durability. They will definitely appeal to your practical side.

3. Color.

peach sapphire engagement rings

Purple & Violet – They are not the same, being of 2 different hues. Purple combines red & blue, while violet – blue & purple. Purple & violet sapphire rings can shift in color.

Green – They are very rare and quite pricey; many clients don’t even know they exist. Green sapphire rings are much more durable and brilliant than emerald ones.

Orange – They are undervalued, though being of a highly desirable, fashionable color these days.

White – They are not really white, but colorless, transparent, and thus, more inexpensive.

Pink – They are stunning, but less expensive than diamonds of the same color. Pink sapphire engagement rings are colored by chromium, ranging from pastel to vivid pinkish-purple. The rarest color is pink-orange ‘Padparadscha’ that reminds the lotus flower color.

light pink sapphire engagement rings

Yellow – They are in fashion trend, demonstrated by Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Yellow sapphire engagement rings look like canary diamond ones, with a great sparkle and delicate hue. Uncommon yellow sapphires over 5 carats are still affordable, but those blue over 5 carats remain very expensive.

Blue – They are to be of classic color, making a gorgeous ring with diamond accents in platinum or white gold. Royal blue is the top color, ranging shades from baby blue to navy.

White – They are white-colored sapphire gemstones, elegant alternatives for expensive diamonds. Whitened sapphire engagement rings have a sparkling appearance and extreme durability for future generations.

4. Density.

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Sapphires are to be denser materials than diamonds; and, they are given a deeper cut, so as to maximize the color. Generally, a 1 carat sapphire appears smaller than a 1 carat diamond. So, when buying sapphire engagement rings, always check not only the carat weight, but also the gem dimension.

5. Source.

Traditional fine sapphire sources are Burma, Thailand, India, Australia, Africa, and Brazil. Still, Ceylon, Madagascar, and Tanzania are considered prolific producers for good materials.

6. Heat Treatment.

pretty sapphire engagement rings

It is commonly used for deepening the sapphire color, as well as improving its clarity. High sapphire percentage found in jewelry has been enhanced in some way.

7. Quality.

Some sapphires are typically cut into cabochons or smooth domes, producing a star with 6 rays and stretching across sapphire surface. Like many other gemstones, a sapphire is created in a laboratory in a synthetic form, sometimes difficult to be distinguished from gemstones formed in nature.

8. Antiquity.

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These richly hued gemstones belong to the first gems, which have been cut and polished since a romantic era of the past. Antique sapphire engagement rings are something a little different, offering an inherent uniqueness, less expensive charm, better craftsmanship, and instant heirloom. Specifically, an ‘antique’ engagement ring refers to the one over 50 years old. Some jewelers use the term ‘vintage engagement rings’, meaning either a catch-all term Old Ring or Ring Made to Look from Another Era. For example, Victorian Antique Engagement Rings are often set in rose/yellow gold and having both simple/intricate designs. Edwardian Engagement Rings present platinum, rose-cut diamonds, and brilliant sapphires. Art Deco Engagement Rings reflect a streamlined geometric look – colorful, contrasting gemstones, which are the most popular among the newly engaged couples.

Browse to select your own sapphire engagement ring, yours in every sense of the word!

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