Silver, Ruby & Emerald Rings for Women: Embellish Your Fingers & Make Others Green with Envy!

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There are so many rings of various types, shapes and styles available these days – all custom made to embrace the fingers, attract desirable attention, and provoke fine compliments. A wide range of stylish & trendy ring collections of eye-catchy colors and designs really makes each of us have heart in mouth, when it comes to the right choice. Still, if you value beauty along with quality, you will surely love the jewelry crafted to perfection…


3 New Trends in Jewelry World

  • Elegant Silver

silver rings for women overview, photos

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silver rings for women overview, photosemerald rings for women overview, photosblack silver emerald rings for women, photossilver,ruby & emerald rings for women overview

Currently, many women prefer silver, but not gold. This is because it enhances the luxurious design, goes with every outfit, is never out of fashion, but not necessarily expensive. A lot of couples choose their engagement rings from this precious metal, designed either traditional or modern.

Sterling silver composes all those famous types of silver rings for women made from 92% silver and 8% copper. Amber sterling silver type of a ring is often associated with love. Turquoise sterling silver is considered to be a special gift to someone you treasure. Georgian style sterling silver is the most famous, exclusive and hard to get nowadays type, due to pure antique sterling.

So, why choose silver jewelry among similar choices like gold or platinum? Stunning and extremely popular silver rings for women are durable, do not deform, and look luxurious for everyone. Aesthetic qualities of silver metal have been associated with elegance for centuries. Engagement and wedding silver rings still make ideal gifts and investments. All in all, silver is believed to have healing potential!

  • Gorgeous Ruby

Ruby rings for women mean either love for red or following the July birthstone. A true ruby is the 4th precious stone of a rare group, including diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. The most valuable are rubies of the brightest and most intense color, though the ruby color ranges as pinkish, orangey, purplish, and brownish red. Like sapphires, they are to be probably the hardest and most durable gemstones.

Ruby rings for women are rich in every possible sense; they personify royalty and add a magnificent distinction beyond words. Now, the rubies find place in jewelry boxes of women in the quality of even more valuable members than diamonds.

Solitaire ruby rings create a lasting impression, adding the right amount of style and color to overall appearance. Indeed, rubies are to be eye-catching pieces of glamorous jewelry to steal the show. Some ladies enjoy their solo look, while the others demonstrate rubies & diamonds together. No woman in the world will ever resist such a gift!

  • Vibrant Emerald

emerald rings for women overview, photos

The ever-higher prices of emerald rings for women in the international market place show that the desire to own an emerald on the hand or anywhere else has been time-immemorial. The world’s most powerful women knew the value of emeralds. Perhaps, diamonds are not forever, as emeralds are 20 times rarer!

Much of the wonder relates to the gem green color. Emerald rings for women look almost supernaturally vivid, e.g. as when looking at a lush green grass field on a sunny day. Historically, people are subconsciously drawn to the emerald & yellow gold warmth combined.

What to say, emeralds have captured plenty of women and men all over the world for having unusual powers.

Silver, Ruby & Emerald Rings for Women:

What Matters Most?

black silver emerald rings for women, photos

Shape indicates the actual stone geometry opposed to cut, that said, the stone facet angles.

Settings mean the metal framework mounting the stone. An ideal ring is shape plus setting.

4 Cs are cut, color, carat, and clarity.

Style – It is always better to ring-shop together. But if not, male traditionalists looking for surprise should ask for Her friend help and pay attention to Her current jewelry. Is it platinum/silver or gold-gemstone woman, gravitating to vintage or classic jewels?

Metal – Platinum is extremely durable, hypoallergenic choice for ladies with sensitive skin. Gold comes in various colors to select from. Palladium is also popular.

Budget – The best ring also hints nobody goes into major debt. For example, you may look for less sparkle in one-carat ring.

Safe Shopping always starts with recommendations from the family, friends and good jewelers. Look for the stores accredited by specialized organizations, such as GIA, American Gem Society, or Jewelers of America. Reliable sales and return policy matter too. Diamonds larger 1 carat must be accompanied by the so-called diamond-grading report, including shape, 4 Cs, dimensions, cosmetic enhancements, and anything that affects value (made by famous designers, being an antique/period piece or handmade/custom-designed).

Embellish the fingers of your beloved smart and with pleasure!

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