Single Diamond Necklaces – Refined Taste of Women

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5 Photos of the Single Diamond Necklaces – Refined Taste of Women

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Single diamond necklaces stand out among a variety of other decorations for its elegant luxury and expressed aristocracy. Its shimmering shine allows to be at the pick of attention at any event: during dinner at a restaurant, party, theater.

A gold pendant with one diamond turns any woman in a fashionable lady, gives a touch of elegance and romance. The main thing is choosing the right decoration for the outfit and appearance.

First of all, when buying single diamond necklaces you should think about the shape of the stone: the model of geometric shapes is combined with excellent office style, fancy jewelry in the form of plants and animals, look great with fashionable everyday and evening dresses.

Do you want to add your own image the lightness and romance? Then choose a diamond necklase, made in the form of drops: in the combination with an evening or cocktail dress, it will make you more attractive for males. Wearing it, you will emphasize your solidity and respectability.

Another criterion for the selection of this single diamond jewelry is the color of the stone. Pendants decorated with a white diamond of various sizees and cut is a classic. If you prefer exclusive solutions, then you certainly will like pendants with a diamond of non-standard colors: black, yellow, pink, blue, brown, green. In this case, note that the decorations with blue and pink stones suit well for light-skinned women, green and yellow stones are great for brown hair and brunettes, the beauty of “fiery” hair perfectly will be set off the brilliance suspension with a brown diamond. As for single diamond necklaces, they are recommended for women with a bright appearance and expressive features.

How to choose a single diamond decoration for a neck?

  • For a completing a strict image, the ideal option would be a classic round gold diamond. But this decoration should not be too large for distracting too much attention itself.
  • For bright women the preferring is an extraordinary style of the original pendants of asymmetrical and whimsical shapes with stones of different colors;
  • For everyday wearing it will be ideal a miniature diamond pendant. This decoration, characterized by refined simplicity, always emphasizes the individuality and impeccable taste.

Quite popular today are the pendants of the two halves of a heart with names or in the form of beautiful butterfly, angels, pictures of animals, but still inserted with one amazing diamond.

A wonderful gold necklase with a single diamond can act as an independent jewelry, as well as in the ensemble with a ring and earrings, made in the same style, presenting a stylish set.

Even modest outfits in the “duet” with single diamond necklaces began to play with new colors and show the refined taste and delicacy. This piece of jewelry can turn any woman into a socialite and easily add the look a touch of romance. The choice of single diamond pendant models is very wide, the main thing is taking into account when buying a personality of their future owner.

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