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Small Diamond Necklace

7 Photos of the Small Diamond Necklaces – Modest Elegant Jewelry

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Small diamonds are considered to be economy class stones, because they are cheaper than larger ones. If the necklace is not particularly massive, then its value will not be too high. Therefore, many people can afford such a luxury decoration. But it does not mean that the diamond jewelry of a small size is less beautiful. Well-faceted gems are capable literally to spray sparks of light around, refract and diffract the rays. Such small diamond necklaces look great on slender women’s necks.

These decorations are suitable for almost any outfit and occasion. Maybe they are not very expensive, not very large, but quite elegant and, most importantly, universal and always in fashion. Sometimes the only chain with one small diamond, if it is chosen with taste, may transform a woman. This jewelry is allowed to be visible. Buying a particular decoration, you need to be absolutely sure that it suits you. So think, whether it will complement your outfits, the type of your appearance, age and body type.

Necklaces look good on women of all ages. But small diamond necklaces are perfectly suited for young girls. By virtue of its democracy, they are suitable to the evening dress and office style. A pendant with one small diamond is also relevant in daily wardrobe. This small diamond on a short chain will be well combined with a business suit and light flowy summer dress. In the case when the dress has a deep neckline, the preference should be given to more expressive necklace on a long chain.small heart diamond necklace

These necklaces may be worn, as a rule, at any social event. Do not wear little diamonds in conjunction with clothing of bright colors, jeans, T-shirts and other attributes of everyday wearing. The brilliance of a small stone can simply get lost on the background of everyday outfits. It is not necessary to combine a diamond jewelry with bijouterie – it will cheapen the whole image. Whatever the beautiful and high-quality bijouterie is, it will look ridiculous with a little, but still exquisite diamond jewel.

If you still prefer to wear more than one accessory and supplement small diamond necklases with other accessories, the gems in different decorations should be with the same size for creating a harmonious way. It is permissible to combine the necklase, bracelet and earrings, but this combination may become really too “dazzling”. Another embodiment of the composition may be a combination of a necklase, ring and bracelet. Each of these decorations should be small and modest.

Choosing a pendant, you should pay attention to its shape. A neckline is emphasized by elongated small diamond necklaces. For a short chain it is better to use more round diamond shape. For a small diamond it is necessary to select a thin elegant chain from a precious metal.

A necklase is a small piece of jewelry that will appreciate the most introverted type of women, paying attention to details. Small diamond necklaces are the elegant highlight of the image, albeit small, but a strong touch of the perfection.

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