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Smoky quartz belongs to the quartz group and doesn’t have any relation to topazes. There are only few brown gemstones in nature, that’s why smoky quartz jewelry is so popular. This precious stone is of the middle hardness: 7 units on the Mohs scale. Its main field is Brazil. Many people believe that smoky quartz jewelry helps organism to escape from waste and negative energy. It also reduces irritability and anger.

Some of these gemstones have unusual golden and smoky colors and complete transparency. They surprise with their value and size. The precious stones which weight almost 200 kilograms and a couple of meters long are kept in historical museums. In old times men liked to wear smoky quartz cufflinks and walking-sticks. Women wore smoky quartz broaches, pendants, rings and earrings.

Smoky quartz is very popular nowadays too. It is not very expensive, but looks luxuriously almost like brown diamond. Smoky quartz is combined with yellow and white gold. It looks wonderful in each piece of jewelry. It is also possible to strew the central smoky quartz with cubic zircons, small diamonds and other semiprecious stones. Such jewelry sets can be worn daily or on an important occasion.


Smoky quartz cutting can be different. It looks great in big round diamond cutting, when the trick of light and the pureness of this gemstone are seen well. It also looks beautiful in a square princess cutting form with sharpened edges and angles, or in a round form (sphere cutting).

Smoky quartz jewelry is very popular and it must be admitted that it costs less than other gemstone jewelry. It also used in bijouterie and in silver jewelry. These jewelry products are very beautiful and their price isn’t as high as of gold ones. It should be noted that smoky quartz takes a leading position among other precious stones, as one of the most popular and inimitable.



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