Split Shank Engagement Rings – Stop Your Choice

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Split Shank Engagement Rings Your Choice

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Split Shank Engagement Rings Your Choice

The popularity of interestingly designed split shank engagement rings have grown up a lot during last twenty years. Simply describing, such a design of a ring looks like a divided shank in strands with some space between them. One of the most common split of the ring shank is a single division, that gives two individual straps connected together on the top of the ring. Sometimes rings with three or even four 4 shanks may be found in jewelry stores. These nice shanks can be divided with some space from each, they can be twisted, woven or even have unusual free form.

The designed shank should surely be divided proportionally to the shape of a stone and its carat size. Mostly rings have the shanks that are connected on the bottom of the ring, exactly that part, which goes under the finger. In this part is creating one single band that is comfortable enough to be worn safely. But still you may easily find many examples of the rings that have a split made absolutely all the way around. The split shank style is an amazing way and is created in huge variants of designs, so every bride may find a perfect ring just for her.

The perfectly looking sets are also good variant as wedding decorations. So a great way for a loving couple will be the matching a split shank ring with as an engagement present and a simple gold band as a wedding one. By the way many split designed shanks are not able to easily pair with wedding rings of traditional style, especially if the split is very wide in this decoration.

Split shank engagement rings are seemed to be the real Hollywood trend among celebrities. Beautiful Beyonce is the happy owner of such a setting 18 carat nice emerald cut diamond ring.

Why should brides stop their choice on split shank engagement rings?

The setting of split shank has a few positive features that make a ring a desirable purchase:

  1. This is available in many variations of this design. Such wonderful rings always look as unique jewelry.
  2. The main stone in the middle of the jewel is securely placed in the settings.
  3. This setting is usually used in the creation of pave set diamond ring, which gives a real beauty to the stone in the center of decoration.

Like all jewelry decorations, this type of rings also needs to be kept carefully. There can be easily caught in narrow splits some dust and dirt, but for cleaning such decorations the owner should not use a pin, needle, or other sharp items, because all these can scratch the surface of the jewel. Such a type of the ring design needs to be used just dissolve oils. A split shank ring must be worn only if there is no possibility to catch on other objects or protrusions – some of the items can easily break or warp one of the shank.

These wonderful split shank engagement rings of elegance design stunningly give the unique illusion that a woman wear more than one ring in one piece jewelry. With many interesting variations that are available in jewelry, all the girls might find the unusual rings that will suit perfectly their personality and preferences for design.

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