Stackable birthstone rings – fashionable decorations with protection

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Stackable birthstone rings white gold

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Stackable birthstone rings white gold

Today around the world there is some kind of obsession about stackable rings in the form of folded strips, whether it is a simple decoration or even an engagement ring. Jewelry sellers say that brides who are conquered with this style prefer a ring from white metal with splashes of pink gold. Yellow gold is not perceived by many modern newlyweds, who are looking for a color drive in their wedding rings. On the same level of popularity are models of stackable birthstone rings, which not only have a stylish and fashionable look, but also carry a sense of protection to the owner.

Astrologers have argued that each gem belongs to a particular sign of the zodiac, that is why people born in this month, should wear a ring with the appropriate stone. Wearing a stone, not birthstone, under which the a person was born, gives a bad influence on his or her fate. Some stones are especially recommended for people in certain occupations: sailors in the dangerous sea voyages were guarded by emerald; tourmaline was a talisman of artists; amethyst belonged for clerics. In various everyday situations it was really great to have the best stone-talisman. That is why, one of the latest trends in jewelry market are stackable birthstone rings.

These rings are popular, because the holder can create the own general view of the entire ring. These rings may be worn separately, two or three together, or worn with whole bunch of rings together at the same time on one finger. It will look incredibly stylish and impressive.

Each ring can have the own incrusted gem matched with a certain value. It may give the good luck in certain cases. So if a person today needs a success in some financial affairs, he or she can take on the ring with appropriated for this case stone. For the love success this person may wear another stone ring or several rings at once, so all the stones could help in different spheres at the same period.

The best mascots are stones presented or inherited. Stones purchased in the store need a specific term for “affinities” with the owner. Stolen stones are considered never become talismans, they are more likely to exhibit negative characteristics.

Stackable birthstone rings – the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself. Mascots of this type in a person’s life will attract positive events, reducing the number of negative and unpleasant events. Nowadays, natural gems are considered excellent magical helpers and shields for people from all negative, attracting just the good luck, happiness and other positive emotions.

Stones are also indifferent to the owner sex: women tones are unhappy on a man’s hand, men – on a woman’s hand. Male stones shine brighter and have warm colors and shades, female stones shine not so bright, they have cold colors and shades. Care for your favorite stone and it will protect you always and everywhere.

Stackable birthstone rings should not cause negative, excitement or anxiety, and every contact with them must give peace and tranquility.

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