Sterling silver rings – define your style with silver color

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Define Your Style Statement With Sterling Silver Rings

Not so expensive, yet dearly valuable and beautiful are sterling silver rings, which form a perfect gift that can be given to a loved one. You may use them as your engagement or a wedding ring. Or you may use one to just propose to your beloved or as a Valentine’s gift. There are numerous ways to celebrate love, and a classic sterling silver ring can be made a part of any such occasion.

unique sterling silver rings for womenOwing to the affordable price and gorgeous looks of the shiny white metal, sterling silver has always been a favorite of jewelry lovers. When diamonds and other precious stones accompany the metal, it becomes even more gorgeous. Whether there is a precious stone or not, the alluring color of sterling silver is enough to get your eyes on it. Worn in a public place, a party or some event, sterling silver rings are bound to bring some prying eyes to your fingers.

Silver itself being enough to define the style statement, sterling silver is still chosen for the making rings and other jewelry. The reason is the sturdy and durable composition of sterling silver. More than 90 percent pure silver when combined with a small amount of other metal, sterling silver comes to life. The most preferred metal to form the alloy is copper, which forms 7.5 percent of the alloy, and the remaining 92.5 percent is pure silver which is also called as fine silver.

Pure silver alone is not a good choice for rings and jewelry. Silver is a malleable and soft metal, which may get damaged and de-shaped easily, if used in pure form. Thus a small amount of copper is mixed with pure silver to make it strong and durable. Sterling silver does not get de-shaped easily and is strong to fight scratches. Still, it is advised to take good care of your sterling silver rings and other jewelry.

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How to care of your sterling silver rings

Care of your sterling silver rings starts at your home from storing the jewelry when not in use. Though it is advisable to always wear your silver jewelry to avoid tarnishing, yet you store some nice jewelry for special occasions and do not always wear them. Thus, it is better to store your rings and other sterling silver things in cloth bags to avoid scratching, or you may keep them in a separate jewelry compartment too.

If you see them getting tarnished you should better wipe off the tarnishes at the initial stage to avoid lengthy cleaning hours and more effort later. Cleaners and polishes are also available at all major hardware and craft stores.

Sterling silver rings that look quite much like platinum rings because of their color and polish look great on any person and any finger. For people who would think twice before buying gold or platinum, sterling silver is an affordable, stylish and a good choice.

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