Stud earrings for women: from modest to luxury

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stud earrings for women

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Permanent favorites today are stud earrings for women: jewelers offer a huge number of different models, among which any woman can find something suitable for her.

Stud earrings are familiar to all the small size jewelry products, that are giving the female image a finished look. They not only complement the casual wardrobe, but also can become a worthy decoration. It all depends on the choice of the ladies: modest, in classic design, with small stones, all studs are ideal for business and everyday image.

Quite often, a woman has in her arsenal a few pairs of studs, matched to different outfits. Choosing a stud for your dress, you need to give the preference to those models that are ideally suited primarily to the woman. In this case, it is important to take into account the shape of the ear, face shape, eye color and hair of the girl. Do not choose bulky earrings, if a woman has thin earring lobe, it can not just to stretch it, but there is also the risk of even breaking the ear under the influence of earrings gravity.

It is especially important to choose the right color and shade of the stone, because there is a risk that it will detract from the woman beauty. Therefore it is recommended to give preference to the mineral of the same color as the eyes, but of lighter shade. Or play on contrasts, emphasizing the eye color with a stone of a different color, but the same shade.

Choosing stud earrings for women with stones, necessarily follow these rules:

– for women with the “warm” eye color (brown or green eyes), you need to choose “warm” stone shades. For example, a green-eyed lady would look perfect with a purple amethyst, emerald of grass shades. For brown-eyed beauty are great earrings with amber, jasper, garnet, ruby ​​or amethyst, they ideally emphasize the color of her eyes and focus on them;

– for blue-eyed and gray-eyed lady will be the perfect choice of blue-green range stones, for example, a charming topaz, emerald of cool colors, sapphire, turquoise or lazor. The stone is better to choose a tone lighter than the color of the female eyes;chocolate diamond stud earrings

– for black-eyed beauties, you may choose the most vivid colors, while paying attention to the skin and hair tone. Thus, for the red hair is the perfect combination of gold stud earrings for women with a nacreous pearl, glowing with all the colors, or cat’s eye. Beautiful brunettes will look great with a blood red ruby, bright dark green emerald or deep purple amethyst. And for blondes is spectacular game of contrasts – the gentle play of pearls or bold and luxurious shine of diamond earrings make her the real queen of the evening.

Simpler earrings focus more attention on the appearance of the woman. Earrings without stones are often the choice of the confident females, preferring a strict clothing and timeless classics.

Regardless of the choice, stud earrings for women with stones or without them, you should wear these decorations with pleasure and feel charming yourself. Choosing the right decorations is definitely an art.

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