Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings – Symbol of Life Periods

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Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

6 Photos of the Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings – Symbol of Life Periods

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Since the XV century there was a tradition of giving wedding rings with diamonds. Diamond rings with a single stone always prevailed in the history of loving relationships. Many centuries such rings used to lure a glance and gave a pleasure to the happy couples who could not afford ring with many stones. And only five centuries after the emergence of this tradition, in the early XX century, the audience was presented a revolutionary absolutely unconventional design of the ring with three diamonds. Modern young couple decided to legalize their union, are now able to pick up a unique and already a classic design of three stone diamond engagement rings.

Experts on the history of jewelry agreed that a ring with three diamonds is the symbol of the three important periods in respect of amorous couple: past, present and future. There are commonly used round diamonds with the same size. Some couple prefer one of these stones to be brilliant, but others – on their choice. This interesting location of two or three stones, one of which was a diamond became popular back in the Victorian era.

Here, the main decoration looks like a path of three diamonds, which can encircle the entire article or just a specific part of it. Three stone diamond engagement rings are relatively inexpensive, because in their decor is mainly used small stones that are several times smaller than large crystals. Here the bartack Pave is using for fixing stones, allowing to form a single array area, fully studded with stones.

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Classic three diamonds ring is always relevant, always in fashion. This model of the ring is very versatile and can be easily worn every day. The same way such a ring looks great together with a strict evening dress. Rings with brilliants path are one of the options of wedding and engagement ring.

Engagement rings with three large stones perfectly set off the beauty of evening dresses and intended for publication and gala receptions. The glitter of precious stones, their playing is especially noticeable in artificial light. A ring with diamonds of small size is no less spectacular than with one huge stone. Thanks to the play of light, the path of the little sparks looks charming.

Three stone diamond engagement rings in spectacular path surprise and delight a lot, they seem that the stones as spring sprouts are breaking through the metal, moving towards to the sun. Especially good these products are for daring and young people, whose wedding is planned not in the classic romantic style, but in an unusual, eye-catching way.

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