Unique Engagement Rings for Women – New Trend or Ancient Tradition?

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Unique Engagement Rings 2015

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Unique Engagement Rings 2015

The original ring – a sign of the new times or an ancient tradition?

Jewelry can boast with a long and fascinating history. The greatest glory in the last thousand years have got unique engagement rings for women – products, which are intended a specific person. This means that when jewelers create them they take into account all particular tastes and preferences of the future owner.

In fact, at the dawn of civilization, all the accessories made from precious metals and gems could be considered as original. The usual luxury stores simply did not exist, so that the rings, bracelets or earrings were always made by order – the buyer directly addressed to the master with his wishes.

At the “sources” of jewelry all original rings from gold could be divided into several categories.

– Identification – they used to point to membership of a particular family, clan, community. These decorations could use secret signs, understandable only for elected people, family coat of arms, clan totems.

– Ritual – created for their rituals. Of particular importance there was paid to the symbolic value of the metals and stones that could enhance intuition, magical abilities, clear thoughts.

– Protective – unusual gold rings, playing the role of amulets.

– Functional – jewelry with meaning. Initially, they played the role of weapons, so were made massive and very dangerous for melee. In the Middle Ages they were used as a repository for the poison, especially famous such “jewelry” were among Borgia family members.

During the Renaissance, when beauty was an aim itself, exquisite and unique engagement rings for women have been turned to those precious accessories that they remain today.

New times began to dictate the new rules. Popular brands have won fame as absolute rulers of the world elegance and luxury. There is no need to order the ring, waiting for the final result for weeks, it is enough to visit the jewelry store and just buy your favorite decoration. But the originality is still not out of fashion.

The creation of unique engagement rings for women may be different, but in most cases, modern couples are trying to make them engraved in a variety of sacred phrases and symbols. The fact is that these accessories play a special significance. They should be remembered and symbolize not a wedding day, but the feelings and the secret desires of the newlyweds.

Famous and rich people, cinema stars, businessmen and politicians draw their own sketches, creating wedding and engagement rings for themselves and their loved ones. When a famous rapper Kanye West made an offer for socialite Kim Kardashian, he gave the bride a ring completely exclusive. The design of chic jewelry with the cost of half a million dollars this famous singer developed personally.

For those who do not prefer to follow the “regular”, jeweler offer to create their own precious accessories. Unique engagement rings for women with diamonds or precious stones can be made on an individual order and special sketch. This will not only demonstrate your excellent taste, but please a dear person with the most sincere declaration of love!

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