Affordable Engagement Rings for Women – Unique Options

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Affordable Engagement Rings

6 Photos of the Affordable Engagement Rings for Women – Unique Options

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Affordable engagement rings for women are relevant, since not all grooms may afford to spend a large sum of money for the purchase of wedding jewelry for their sweethearts. Platinum and diamonds are extremely attractive, but even its dazzle is not able to overshadow the need to prepare for the coming celebration of the marriage, which also requires a serious investment.

Fortunately, the jewelry market gives practical options that do not require significant expenditures and will not disappoint with the beauty and quality. As a rule, its bases are made of noble and also affordable materials, so these wedding rings are not expensive.

Unique options of affordable engagement rings for women:

  1. The obvious alternative to platinum appears white gold. Jewellery created from this alloy have a characteristic light gray color, perfectly emphasizing facets of a diamond shine and rhodium-plated surface provides extra protection and shining. Similar products hit the spot for connoisseurs of strict but elegant style, who prefer the simplicity of pomposity.
  2. Many newlyweds are surprised to find that the metal of which jewelry is created, is not limited to platinum, gold and silver. In recent years become increasingly popular alternative materials, through which designers may not restrict the flight of fancy and implement the sophisticated designs. One of such material is palladium – relative to platinum, which has a lower density and, consequently, low weight and flexibility. Like platinum, the metal charms by characteristic natural color with white shimmer, while palladium product may afford to practically everyone.
  3. Not less interesting are affordable engagement rings for women from damascus steel differing by striking patterns covering the surface. Once the material used to make weapons, but the opportunities provided by modern technology, today serves as a perfect basis for the manufacture of incomparable jewelry. Wedding accessories made from damascus steel are durable, natural and have variety of combinations of colors, patterns, and numerous details.
  4. Attention should be paid to special metal processing technique called “mokume-gane”, invented in medieval Japan. Several layers of steel are welded in one bar and treated in a special way so that the cut surface of the product resembled the texture of wood. Once this method used to decorate swords, but nowadays it is actively used by the masters of jewel art. Looking at the design decorating on the surface it is hard to believe that this is the result of the work of human hands, not nature itself. It has so natural iridescence and bends of metal layers in different shades.

affordable engagement rings for womenArmed with the knowledge about alternatives to the classic wedding accessories, everyone might choose affordable engagement rings for women, while not sacrificing aesthetic appeal, quality and durability. It should be remembered that the choice of a material should be dictated not only affordable, but also the personal preferences of the future owner: militancy of damascus steel, naturalness of mokume-gane and white gold charm may cause different people as sincere delight and disappointment, so when deciding on purchase, it should be guided by individual preferences.

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