Vintage Oval Engagement Rings – Brining Back to Old Days

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Vintage Oval Engagement Rings

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Vintage oval engagement rings are made in the retro style. Now we have a real retro boom in jewelry. Antique rings have a characteristic original look, which for a moment may bring us back to the good old days. For the young people it is an attempt to show the connection between generations, to emphasize the strength of family. Today it is fashionable to have old jewelry from ancestors in a box. Therefore, the majority of jewelry made by order, are performed in the vintage style. Professionals says that this “grandmother” thing will be relevant for many years. Moreover, it will be the only one in its kind, because the second one is just not done! The only condition is combining the decoration with the image!

Oval shape of the stone has been known for about 50 years. Brides knowingly give it preference: the secret is that even with equal weight oval-cut diamond visually seems larger than the classical round. Mostly this treatment is used for large gems, most of all – diamonds. As a single inserts such stones fit perfectly. They harmonious look in engagement rings. Thanks to a little elongated form, they will help to solve the problem of short fingers and make a hand even more elegant.vintage inspired engagement rings

This cut has a smooth oval circuit. In comparison with round-cut, jewel in the shape of an oval has a large area and, consequently, a more impressive size for overflows and “playing” of light. This is a great choice for those who want to have a unique vintage jewel, but still love the fire and brilliance of the round diamond. A central oval stone is often surrounded by little diamonds. Gold is considered to be a classic metal for such rings. However, often the jewelers of vintage oval engagement rings prefer platinum instead this traditional metal. Today the intricate engraving on the ring is in vogue, so it is often found on present-day copies.

Vintage oval engagement rings have an increasing popularity in recent years. This may be a vintage ring, hereditary of the family line or bought in an antique shop. Such rings are usually chosen by romantic and creative ladies. These jewels are usually distinguished by the highest quality and durability. The most common vintage models – Victorian rings from yellow or pink gold, Edwardian platinum with sapphires and diamonds and very fashionable today rings in Art Deco style with ethnic motifs with colored stones and platinum.

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