Gold Necklaces for Women – Some Varieties

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gold necklaces for women

11 Photos of the Gold Necklaces for Women – Some Varieties

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Jewelry made from precious metals are dream items of many ladies. After all, these products look elegant, do not lose its brilliant appearance and are valued a lot. Gold necklaces for women are not a cheap thing and show all the special status of owners.

A necklace is a decoration on the neck in the form of a thread or chain on which are strung stones (precious, semiprecious), pearls, beads or just metal. It may consist of plain or colored parts of the same or different forms.

Varieties of gold necklaces

  1. A short gold necklace in the form of a metal strip. This decoration is adjacent to the base of the neck. The beauty of this necklace is a perfect simplicity. The decoration fits for the evening and everyday wearing.
  2. Interlocking gold chains. Links of such jewelry can be of different sizes and shapes. But now unusual textures are in fashion. They also may contain beads, gemstones or a string of pearls.
  3. A necklace-collar. It is a fashionable enough accessory, will appeal to those who are tired of the usual classical forms.
  4. The decoration in the form of a gold hoop with the suspension is an elegant and graceful option. Such gold necklaces for women especially look neatly at the happy owner of a long thin neck.
  5. A necklace “Riviera”. It is a beautiful waterfall of gems or tracery interweaving. This accessory is suitable for special occasions.

long gold necklaces

It should be mentioned that a unique version of the necklace, suitable for all without exception, simply does not exist. Therefore, when choosing a gold necklace you just need to consider a few facts:

  1. A girl with a long thin neck should not choose a necklace with “deep fitting” (when the first row of links in the chain is below the collarbone) – it visually increases the length of the neck. The best choice in this case is a gold necklace, adjacent to the base of the neck.
  2. Girls with wide short necks on the contrary, should give preference to gold necklaces for women with a low-slung. They should not choose too massive decorations, as they visually reduce a neck. In such a situation, a long necklace would look great.

What to wear with a gold necklace?

If you have chosen a simple and not pretentious model, then combine it with casual clothes in a romantic, business, glamor style. Stylish models in the form of strips may be worn on a top of blouses or shirts, gently placing them under the collar. But such a decoration would be appropriate even in the ensemble with evening dresses. A beautiful gold necklace with gems or pearls should be reserved for a great event. It emphasizes the outfit, impeccable taste and neckline line. So luxurious thing does not fit for everyday wearing.

Gold necklaces for women are exquisite accessories! This is a required element of the evening dress, however, gold necklaces can also be so delicate that fit for everyday wear, giving the image of sophistication and elegance. In any case, the important thing for any representative of the beautiful half of humanity is choosing a necklace.

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