White gold promise rings – How to show your love

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White gold promise rings are the first decoration, which a potential bride can get long before the wedding. This interesting traditional decoration is called a promise ring.

The giving a “promise” is not an ancient ritual, and thoroughly is the modern custom. It is just a symbol, but not offering to marry. It may show love and promises that one gives to the loving person. For example, the promise to be faithful, the promise to come back from long journeys. It is an expression of the words “I love you” or “you are the best.” This may be allegorical to: “I want to marry you, but not ready yet for this,” or “you are my only one, I promise you in the future to replace this ring on the wedding”. As a rule, the boyfriend gives such a ring to his girlfriend before the school graduation. This means that, despite the leaving to different colleges, he intends to continue the relationship and wants them to be transformed into something more than just a school romance. This is a lovely tradition.

A promise ring has one interesting feature: it should not be too expensive. Otherwise, the girl’s family has the right to decide that it is not just the “promise ring”, but a real engagement decoration. Promise rings may be different in style and price. The most popular are white gold promise rings, which include a small diamond or other gems in the form of heart. Some people also choose stone appropriated to their month of birth.

white gold promise rings

white gold promise rings

The usual shape of this ring has to be subtle and elegant, it should not be massive and very expensive. It is very simple to buy a charming ring – now there are a lot of variety of such jewelry, from very expensive to quite affordable. Very beautiful rings are made from white gold. Today, white gold is becoming increasingly popular among connoisseurs of jewelry. And no wonder! After all, this noble metal combines rigor and luxury. Rings made from white gold may become worthy setting for any inserts. Products with inserts of the less expensive gemstones organically complement the romantic image, spring mood and original fashionable wardrobe. One or two white or colored stones in the form of heart in white gold promise rings symbolize love and connection. Sometimes there may be engraved names of lovers on the ring.

Do not buy a promise ring of continuous round shape to avoid it to be thought as an engagement one. And the really important thing in the presentation of the ring – the specifying of its purpose, saying the right words and telling the specific meaning of a promise that is given. Make sure that the symbolism of the ring came to a partner. And then such a gift will be understood correctly, express affection and will guarantee further sincere relations.

White gold promise rings may be given not only by a man, but by a girl too. The promise can be not only loving but also friendly. After all, a white gold ring is an excellent choice not only of women’s jewelry, but also men. Noble white metal luster emphasizes austerity and manly style of a real man. Yellow and red gold is still inferior to the white metal in such a moment.

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