Yellow Gold Engagement Rings – Why couples choose it

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yellow gold engagement rings with side stones

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yellow gold engagement rings with side stones

Classic yellow gold engagement rings never go out of fashion, because their color corresponds to the natural shade of purified precious nuggets and bars, which seductive sheen for millennia attracted people from very different cultures and strata of society.

Yellow gold is obliged its amazing glory not only to its high-value, but also many special features: in the modern world it is actively used in different spheres of human activity, including industry, medicine, electronics, decorative and applied arts and even space exploration. Paradoxically, but outstanding softness of the metal largely helped to spread its functional using, making its pure form unsuitable for the jewelry manufacturers, requiring high durability and wear resistance. To achieve the necessary strength, pure gold is alloyed with various impurities. Thus, in various proportions, it can be mixed with palladium, silver, zinc or copper. The increase concentration of certain metal gives different shades, so to get a lemon gold shade, it is necessary to closely monitor the concentration of lightening materials.

Perhaps the most modern newlyweds are worried about one question: whether it is the actual color on the jewelry market? Decorations made from lemon gold were popular many centuries ago, while the products from white and pink shades are popular among designers and buyers right now. However, this does not mean that the yellow shade looks less attractive: on the contrary, an aura of nobility, for which the metal owes to its rich history, attracts many young couples. It should also be noted that it entices with natural shades, which is most similar to pure gold.

Contrary to popular belief, yellow gold engagement rings are no less universal than their pink and white shades, as they are perfectly combined not only with wedding dresses, but also the business and casual clothing. Despite the rich color of yellow gold it allows to create a truly elegant jewelry, which sophistication is not in doubt even the discerning connoisseurs. The judicious using of alloy impurities provides the opportunity to wear such jewelry every day without fear of possible deformations and scratches. Slight tarnishing of the surface often makes the rings look even more noble, but if necessary, it can be quickly and efficiently eliminated in the workshop.

The bride and groom looking for the ideal decoration are recommended to listen carefully some of advice in choosing yellow gold engagement rings:

  1. For those who follow fashion trends, it is recommended to give preference to a rectangular profile of the ring instead of flat products. And couples, paying tribute to the tradition, are more suited with a classic yellow gold ring with smooth side facets.
  2. A yellow gold ring with diamonds shines stronger than other types of metals combined with stones.
  3. The thick decoration is less comfortable to wear. The optimal thickness of the ring is considered 1,2 – 2,5 mm.
  4. If you need to combine tradition and fashion trends, look at the wide band of yellow gold engagement rings with rounded lateral facets or precious stones.

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