Yellow Stone Engagement Rings – Exclusive Uniqueness

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Yellow Stone Engagement Rings

11 Photos of the Yellow Stone Engagement Rings – Exclusive Uniqueness

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Yellow stone engagement rings saturated with sparkling sunny colors necessarily cause a happy smile of any future bride. Colored stones, especially diamonds are a good variant for those who prefer to stand out, but still need to have a wonderful gem in the decoration.

Diamonds of yellow color are really rare. They have a fantastic natural beautiful color. There is one carat of yellow stones among 10,000 carats of all diamonds. These gems belong to the most coveted of all diamonds with different colors. Their color may range from warm yellow-brown to fiery orange hues. Less than 0,1% diamonds own a yellow color and they are formed in the deep earth under the influence of the nitrogen atoms. The diamonds with intense canary yellow color are the purest among yellow diamonds, so they are the most expensive and popular. But compared with pink or blue diamonds, the price of yellow ones is generally more accessible.

Yellow diamonds considered during some period as a rarity reserved only for the royal family or investment. But the consumer appetite for luxury on colored gems and the rising prices for white diamonds, gave yellow diamonds a powerful impetus. White diamonds have become commonplace.

Diamonds of yellow shade vary in price a lot. Lighter gems can be sold for less than half the price of high-quality transparent white diamonds. The fiery, bright yellow diamonds will cost a whole wealth.yellow gold antique engagement rings

Yellow stone engagement rings are charming and attract the eye. They are the constant companions of the “stars” and invariably popular among stylish and elegant celebrities: American singer in the style of country Carrie Underwood, the tennis player and model Anna Kournikova, American actress, model and socialite Olivia Palermo, actress Rebecca Romjin and Megan Fox, all they have wedding rings with yellow diamonds. The model Heidi Klum, when she was married to a British singer Seal.

The unusual shining of wonderful yellow diamonds makes female’s hearts tremble. Because of the scarcity and high prices not many brides may afford to buy a ring with a yellow amazing diamond, so the presence of such a jewelry speaks of a certain status of its owner. From these statistics it is known that most of owners of huge wealth prefer to buy jewelry of extraordinary fancy colors. A yellow gem ring gives originality and nobility. It is better for yellow stone engagement rings to use the frame of white gold and with small white sparkling diamonds to accentuate the yellow shade of the central diamond.

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